Riftworld Legends Comic Series Available Now!


“This is my life’s work. Only now, as I cower in exile and all those I have ever loved are dead, do I dare reveal it. Take these pages to heart, and quick! For the Great Thinning is upon us, and soon history shall be made to answer for her crimes. For my part, I await the inevitable . . . unburdened, knowing I have served the will of legends.”

These words open the vibrant, electric new comic series, Riftworld Legends. Expanding the world of the award-winning digital series Riftworld Chronicles, the comic is set in the late thirteenth century on the mythical lost continent of Hy-Breasal. When two seamen are marooned on its hostile and uncharted shores, they are launched into a sprawling adventure filled with magic, mythical beasts, and strange, non-human races. Their struggle for survival becomes an epic historical saga as the men rise from simple deckhands to heroes of legend when the worlds of myth and man collide.

The ten-issue, digital-first comic series launched on June 28, 2017, and is available on comiXology, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo. Look for the comics in stores this coming spring.

Series creator Jonathan Williams will be celebrating the series' print debut at Joe Books's booth (#839) at Fan Expo Canada this weekend. Don't miss this exclusive signing while preview copies last! 


Saturday 3:00 p.m.

Joe Books Ltd Booth #839

Fan Expo Canada


Read the first three issues of Riftworld Legends today on your favourite digital platform.


“Everything from dialogue to pacing, from scene structure to characterization, stands up to the very best you’re likely to find in the genre.”

                                                                                    Kyle Malone, Comic Buzz


"I am loving all of these characters. From grandma to Thora, they have all been very interesting, especially the Captain...It seems as though each issue answers questions and makes new ones.... This is really getting good.”

                                                                                   Amani Cooper, Outright Geekery


"This setup makes me excited for what is to come in the following issues. Rounding up the story Wong, and Alleyne does an astounding job on the art."

                                                                                    Tim Montoya, PopnComics


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