Disney Princess #9

Disney Princess #9

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Celebrating all things Disney Tangled, Joe Books presents a special edition Disney Princess Spotlight issue focused on Rapunzel. Featuring over 40 strips, Rapunzel's hair-larious adventures in her home kingdom of Corona will delight fans of all ages. This special edition includes some brand-new content as well as a collection of strips by Mebberson, Geoffrey Golden, Paul Benjamin, and even more creators from the beloved Disney Princess original comic book series.


Written by Paul Benjamin, Steffie Davis, Geoffrey Golden, Caleb Goellner, Emma Hambly, Arie Kaplan, Charli McEachran, Deanna McFadden, Amy Mebberson

Art by Amy Mebberson

Inks by Amy Mebberson

Colored by Brianna Garcia, Amy Mebberson

Cover by Amy Mebberson 



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