Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot

Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot

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Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot are back and ready to expose intergalactic corruption in this new, gripping space adventure.

On the last leg of a month-long expedition to the farmland planet of Spiralite, the Guardians run into a blockade of drones that impound their ship and see them imprisoned...again.

Despite Gamora's suspicions about Spiralite's involvement, the Guardians quickly find a way to complete their mission. But when they arrive at the drop-off planet, things take a bizarre turn--the original deal maker has no recollection of their agreement, and the planet's citizens are acting strangely robotic...

Searching for answers, the Guardians find themselves embroiled in a hidden war that soon spirals into a galaxy-wide conspiracy that even Rocket Raccoon couldn't make up. Told in the voice of each wily misfit, Pat Shand's hilarious, action-packed Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Space Riot delivers a chaotic escapade that Guardians fans won't soon forget.


Written by Pat Shand


|   9781772753349   |   300 pages   |